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Moving Beyond the Classroom Walls: how to get started using Skype in the classroom

This workshop is targeted towards educators and principals who would like to bring new experiences into their classroom by using Skype in the classroom

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Ciclo: 2020
Nivel: Primaria
Idioma: Inglés
Estado: Pospuesto
Lugar: ESSARP - Deheza 3139, CABA
Capacitador/es: Ms. María de los Ángeles Suárez
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María de los Ángeles Suárez

Maria de los Angeles graduated as “Profesor en Inglés e Inglés Técnico” at “Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Técnico” in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She also holds a degree as Profesora de Inglés para el Primer y Segundo Ciclo de la E.G.B. She has successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a Microsoft Certified Educator. She has taught English as Foreign Language at Primary and Secondary School for 16 years. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since 2015 and a Skype Master Teacher since 2017. She is currently working as Multimedia Lab Teacher for upper forms at St. Brigid’s School. She attended Microsoft Global Education Exchange (E2) in Toronto, Canada in 2017, since her project “Around the World in a Sway, Tales of Skype in the Classroom Adventures” was one of the projects selected by Microsoft Argentina to represent the country in the Exchange.
This workshop is targeted towards educators and principals who would like to bring new experiences into their classroom by using Skype in the classroom
During this course participants will
• Understand the benefits of bringing the world into the classroom to inspire change & break down barriers.
• Learn how to arrange Virtual Field Trips with well-known institutions worldwide using the Microsoft Educator Community.
• Discover how to raise Intercultural Awareness by using Skype in the classroom.
• Learn how to foster the development of collaborative projects with other schools around the world.
• Develop their Digital Literacy by discussing these topics.
For EFL teachers, Skype in the classroom is a powerful tool to reinforce language acquisition in a natural setting. It provides opportunities to visit museums, historical attractions, and other locations and at the same time, students are given the chance of engaging in meaningful conversation with someone on site who will conduct a virtual tour for the class. In this way, adding meaningful content to topic-based lessons. Skype in the Classroom is also beneficial since students can have the chance of experiencing different classrooms worldwide.

• What is Mystery Skype?
• Being part of Skype Collaborations
• How to get started with Virtual Field Trips
• Bringing Skype Guest Speakers into the classroom
• Developing Collaborative projects
This course will take place in the computer lab. By the end of the course, participants will be able to access the content online.
• Sivakumar, R. 2015 Integrating Skype into Education
• Microsoft Educator Community