COD 2022 - D728

Webinar - The 4 P's of Creative Learning: Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play

Educators interested in exploring creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and play

3 sesiones, inicia: 10-May

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Ciclo: 2022
Nivel: A Distancia
Idioma: Inglés
Estado: Terminado
Lugar: A Distancia
Capacitador/es: Ms. Jennifer Verschoor
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Sesiones Fechas Inicia Termina
1 10 Mayo 2022 06:00 pm 07:30 pm
2 24 Mayo 2022 06:00 pm 07:30 pm
3 07 Junio 2022 06:00 pm 07:30 pm


Jennifer Verschoor

Jennifer Verschoor graduated from St. Andrew's Scots School. She holds a degree in Literary, Technical and Legal Translation as well as a Bachelor's degree in Educational Management, English Teaching and ICT in the Classroom validated by Trinity College London. She holds an MA in Virtual Environments and a Specialization in Education and ICT offered by the Ministry of Education in Argentina. She is the co-author of My First Digital Journey, an ebook published by The Round in December 2012. Currently she is working for the British Council in Argentina and Chile, ESSARP, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Cambridge English and SimpleK12 giving teacher training courses on the integration of ICT. She has been hired by SBS International to co-moderate TIC en el AULA, nominated for an ELTon Award in 2013 under the category Local Innovation.
Educators interested in exploring creative learning through projects, passion, peers, and play
The Lifelong Kindergarten research group guided by Professor Mitchel Resnick at MIT Media Lab, have identified four guiding principles for cultivating creativity: Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play.

During the webinar, we are goint to explore principles and strategies to engage people in creative learning experiences.
-Learn how to develop the creative thinking skills needed to thrive in today's society.
- Undertand how to focus more on imagining, creating, playing, sharing, and reflecting, just as children do in traditional kindergartens.
We are going to use Zoom as our main communication platform
Resnick, M., & Robinson, K. (2017). Lifelong kindergarten: Cultivating creativity through projects, passion, peers, and play. MIT press.