COD 2022 - D649

Critical Thinking and Slow-Looking strategies to enhance understanding

All teachers at primary and secondary level

4 sesiones, inicia: 14-Feb

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Ciclo: 2022
Nivel: A Distancia
Idioma: Inglés
Estado: Terminado
Lugar: A Distancia
Capacitador/es: Ms. María Barberis
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Sesiones Fechas Horario
1 14 Febrero - 20 Febrero 2022 Sesión a distancia
2 21 Febrero - 27 Febrero 2022 Sesión a distancia
3 28 Febrero - 06 Marzo 2022 Sesión a distancia
4 07 Marzo - 13 Marzo 2022 Sesión a distancia


María Barberis

Maria Barberis is a Mg in Education Management from UNSAM and holds a Diploma in ELT Management from Surrey University. She graduated in 1977 from Catholic University of Argentina as a Teacher of English where she then taught Grammar I & II. In 1982, she co - founded Windmill Institute at CABA. For the past twenty five years she worked at Marin School in San Isidro where she performed different managerial positions such as Head of English Department in Primary and Secondary, IBD Coordinator and School Principal. At the moment, she is a teacher trainer and educator for schools as well as for companies.
All teachers at primary and secondary level
To enhance understanding through the use of critical thinking and slow-looking strategies.
- Slow looking: a key strategy to help our students develop their capacity to observe

- Observation as a crucial skill to develop understanding

- How immersive attention to content can produce active cognitive opportunities for meaning-making and critical thinking
Online course.

- Participation will be encouraged all throughout the course.

- 4 modules full of ideas that will help you and your students discover the power of deep observation skills

- Practical ideas to apply right away in your lessons
To be shared during the duration of the online course.