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Webinar - Time for effective feedback - Focus on writing

English coordinators and teachers with varying degrees of experience

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Ciclo: 2024
Nivel: A Distancia
Idioma: Inglés
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Lugar: A Distancia
Capacitador/es: Ms. Nancy Johnstone
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Nancy Johnstone

Nancy Johnstone is a graduate teacher of English (I.N.E.S en Lenguas Vivas “J. R. Fernández”) and Licenciada en Inglés (UNL). She holds a Specialisation degree in Education and Constructivism (FLACSO), and is currently working on her master’s thesis. She has always taught English at bilingual schools, teacher training colleges and the School of Engineering - UBA, where she is the Head of the Languages Department. She has been a Cambridge Speaking Examiner since 1995 and an Examiner Trainer and Coordinator/Team Leader since 2008.
She was awarded the IATEFL Cambridge English Peter Hargreaves Scholarship in 2016.
English coordinators and teachers with varying degrees of experience
to consider key decisions about feedback
to discuss types and characteristics of effective feedback
to consider techniques and tools for feedback
What is effective feedback?
Ways of providing feedback
Webinar presentation
Q & A
Online activities