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Webinar - All My Sons by Arthur Miller for IGCSE World Literature Coursework

Language and Literature secondary school teachers

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Ciclo: 2024
Nivel: A Distancia
Idioma: Inglés
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Lugar: A Distancia
Capacitador/es: Martha Patricia De Cunto
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Martha Patricia De Cunto

She holds a Master of Arts in Literary Linguistics from the University of Nottingham, UK and is currently doing a PhD in Literature at the University of Buenos Aires. She is also pursuing a Master's Degree in Cultural Studies at UNR. She has been a lecturer in American Literature, Children's Literature, YAL Literature and Introduction to Literary Studies at I.E.S. Lenguas Vivas "Juan Ramón Fernández". She has also taught Creative Writing at ISP “Joaquín V. González”. She has been a teacher of Language and Literature in several schools in Buenos Aires for more than 30 years.
Language and Literature secondary school teachers
This webinar will focus on social, cultural, gender and psychological interpretations of the play and its ending. It will discuss characters, main themes and the author’s stylistic choices for the creation of meaning and effect on readers. It will deal with the main elements of the Greek Tragedy as structural components that help organize the functions of the characters, the nature of the conflicts and the setting. The webinar will tackle the importance of context in shaping the characters’ minds and actions. It will highlight the clash of values between the old and the new generation in American suburban society in the late 40s represented by the father-son relationship. In compliance with World Literature coursework requirements, the webinar will grapple with the importance of textual details and the choice of references to show evaluative and critical understanding of the play in the critical writing task. It will also discuss how to achieve and sustain a convincing and authentic voice of the chosen character in the emphatic response of the coursework.
1) Characters and characterization, conflict, themes and the use of directions.
2) Historical context.
3) Key rhetorical figures, symbolic elements and use of diction.
4) The American Dream.
5) Gender roles.
6) Tensions in the play: social responsibility vs. individual responsibility; idealism vs. practicality and the pastness of the present vs. the presentness of the past.
After the presentation of the content section, the facilitator will suggest a list of questions that can be used as prompts for the student’s portfolio. The facilitator will offer guidelines for the discussion and writing of the two pieces of coursework: the critical essay and the emphatic response in accordance with IGCSE World Literature Objectives.
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