COD 2023 - S703

ESSARP goes to St. Hilda's School - IGCSE Biology Lab- Hands on

IGCSE Biology teachers with little or no experience

1 sessions, start: 15-Feb

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Year: 2023
Level: Secondary
Language: Spanish
Status: Ended
Lugar: AR402 - St. Hilda's College
Facilitator/s: Prof. Cristina Leonor Tennant
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Sessions Dates Start Finish
1 15 February 2023 09:00 am 12:00 pm


Cristina Leonor Tennant

Médica veterinaria. Ha enseñado Biología para rendir los exámenes IGCSE desde 1990. Desde 1997 prepara alumnos para rendir biología a nivel avanzado (AICE). Desde 1992 enseña biología a nivel oficial en secundaria, hoy en día EGB 3 y Polimodal. Actualmente esta enseñando Biología para IGCSE en el Colegio Chaltel y IGCSE y AICE Biología en el Colegio St. Paul's School, Hurlingham.
IGCSE Biology teachers with little or no experience
• To provide IGCSE Biology teachers with Little or no experience with laboratory training for IGCSE Biology paper 5 (practical exam) and IGCSE Biology paper 6 (alternative to practical exam)
• To share common issues and strategies regarding lab work
• Introduction to papers 5 and 6
• Lab activity
• Experimental skills
• Correction of papers 5 and 6
• Discussion: resources,issues and strategies.
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