COD 2020 - S663

Jane Eyre and The Madwoman Back Then: IGCSE 2020-2021

IGCSE level Literature teachers and Literature teachers in general

1 sessions, start: 15-Apr

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Year: 2020
Level: Secondary
Language: English
Status: Postponed
Lugar: ESSARP - Deheza 3139, CABA
Facilitator/s: Mr. Leonardo Andrés Pantaleo
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Sessions Dates Start Finish
1 15 April 2020 05:30 pm 08:30 pm


Leonardo Andrés Pantaleo

Leonardo graduated from the University of La Plata as a Teacher of English Language and Literature. He is doing his MA degree in Literary Studies at UBA. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant in Contemporary English Literature for two years and one in English Culture and Civilization at UNLP. He has participated in several academic conferences. For the past fifteen years, he has taught ESL and FLE classes for IGCSE and AS/A English Language and Literature in English at Patris Bilingual School, City Bell, and he has prepared IB candidates at St. George's, Quilmes and at Southern International School. For the past three years, he has developed digital material for an online educational platform.
IGCSE level Literature teachers and Literature teachers in general
- To present the context of production and its marks in the text.

- To provide IGCSE literature teachers with useful tools for the analysis of the novel.

- To discuss possible ways of facilitating students' reading.

- To share ways of approaching the text in class with engaging activities.
• Analysis of Jane and Bertha from a feminist perspective: can Brontë be considered a feminist writer?

• The effect of narrative perspective and the novel as a bildungsroman

• Settings and Roles: Dynamics of a society

• Gothic elements

• Mr Rochester and the Byronic Hero

• The Madwoman in the Attic and Intertextuality
- Presentation and discussion of the novel, its context of production and its themes.

- Participants will be presented with material to arouse students' interest and to facilitate their understanding of the text.

- Discussion of possible ways to enhance students’ analysis and production for IGCSE Literature examinations; including close reading techniques, thinking routines and games, among others.
- IGCSE syllabus and material available on

- Bloom, Harold. Jane Eyre (Bloom’s Guides). Chelsea House Pub; Edición: Annotated edition (2007)
- Brontë, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. Penguin Classics. London, England, 2006.

- Gilbert, S and Gubar, S. The Madwoman in the Attic. Yale University Press. USA, 2000.

- Rhys, Jean. Wide Sargasso Sea. Paperback Penguin Student Editions. Penguin Classics. London, UK, 2006.

- Vanden Bossche, Chris R. What Did "Jane Eyre" Do? Ideology, Agency, Class and the Novel. Narrative Vol. 13, No. 1 (Jan., 2005), pp. 46-66.
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