COD 2019 - S608

From Songs of Ourselves Volume 2, Part 2 (15 poems - IGCSE 2019/20/21)

IGCSE Literature teachers and poetry lovers

4 sessions, start: 14-Mar

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Year: 2019
Level: Secondary
Language: English
Status: Ended
Facilitator/s: Ms. Beatriz Koessler MA
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Sessions Dates Start Finish
1 14 March 2019 05:30 pm 08:30 pm
2 28 March 2019 05:30 pm 08:30 pm
3 11 April 2019 05:30 pm 08:30 pm
4 25 April 2019 05:30 pm 08:30 pm


Beatriz Koessler

Beatriz holds an MA in Literary Linguistics from the University of Nottingham, Uk. She was a lecturer in British Literature and Literature in the Language Class at both I.S.P. "J. V. González" and I.E.S. en Lenguas Vivas "J. R. Fernández" for more than thirty years. She has worked as a materials designer for the British Council and for Pearson Education. She's co-author of the Storyline series.
IGCSE Literature teachers and poetry lovers
The aim of this course will be to help teachers become less intimidated by the IGCSE Song of Ourselves poetry section in the belief that:
- as the themes of poetry are universal their students will be able to establish links between their world and the "world" of the poems.
- poetry is the genre which offers the greatest interpretive freedom.
- the conciseness of the poems will allow teachers to delve into their syntactic and lexical components in a short teaching period.
** From Songs of Ourselves Volume 2, Part 2, the following 15 poems:

Kofi Awoonor, ‘The Sea Eats the Land at Home’
Robert Bridges, ‘London Snow’

Billy Collins, ‘Afternoon with Irish Cows’

David Constantine, ‘Watching for Dolphins’

William Cowper, ‘The Poplar-Field’

Allen Curnow, ‘You will Know When You Get There’

Gerard Manley Hopkins, ‘The Caged Skylark’

Elizabeth Jennings, ‘In Praise of Creation’

John Keats, ‘Ode on Melancholy’

Philip Larkin, ‘Coming’

Ruth Pitter, ‘Stormcock in Elder’

Peter Reading, ‘Cetacean’

Edna St Vincent Millay, ‘The Buck in the Snow’

Charlotte Smith, ‘Written Near a Port on a Dark Evening’

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, ‘The Kraken’

These may be found in Songs of Ourselves Volume 2: The University of Cambridge International Examinations Anthology of Poetry in English (Cambridge University Press).
A blend of text-oriented and reader-oriented approaches for participants to be able to respond as freely as possible to the words of each text.
Articles on specific poems will be provided along the course.
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