COD 2023 - G1068

Cambridge International School Heads' Forum at Sunrise School (Cipoletti)

Heads, Heads of Department and Exams Officers from all levels

1 sessions, start: 12-Apr

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Year: 2023
Level: General
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: AR802 - Sunrise School
Facilitator/s: Ms. Lucila Márquez, Ms. Sofía Hughes MA
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Sessions Dates Start Finish
1 12 April 2023 09:30 am 12:00 pm


Lucila Márquez

Lucila Márquez, Senior Manager, Latin America - Southern Cone & Andes, Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Lucila has vast experience with Cambridge International Schools in Argentina from her many roles within schools as a Teacher, Coordinator and Head and in her role as Examinations Manager in ESSARP. She is trained in NLP and Ontological Coaching and in 2020 she completed the "ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching" with the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK. She has been with Cambridge International since 2014.

Sofía Hughes

Sofía Hughes is an international educator, born in Argentina, with over 25 years experience as a teacher and leader in prestigious ESSARP schools. She holds a BA in the Humanities from Haverford College, PA, an MA in Education from the University of Chicago and is ABD for her doctorate in Educational Policy and Administration from the University of Chicago. She holds a degree in Humanistic Counseling from HOLOS San Isidro and is certified in Argentina as a Primary and Secondary Education Teacher of English. She has recently completed two modules of the Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University Online.
Her current work involves being a Mastermind coach for Better Leaders Better Schools, Executive Secretary for the International Confederation of Principals, and Schools Development Manager - Argentina for Cambridge Assessment International Education.
Heads, Heads of Department and Exams Officers from all levels
The Cambridge Wall

At Cambridge International we are constantly updating and developing what we offer our schools. From computer-based, curriculum-agnostic baseline assessments available at every stage of the Cambridge Pathway for students aged 5-19 so that you can support all your learners to reach their full potential, to our soon-to-be-launched Early Years programme; from first class support for schools, teachers and school-leaders during the pandemic through training, education briefs, webinars and blogs, to standards to help you reflect on the effectiveness of your teaching and leadership and identify areas for professional development; from the focus on providing schools with tools to ensure learner and teacher wellbeing, to the exciting resources developed to support the teaching and learning of our syllabuses … Come and join us to find out the many bricks that form "The Cambridge Wall".

What good teaching and leadership look like in practice

Cambridge International is committed to supporting the continuing improvement of the quality of educational outcomes for all learners following Cambridge programmes in schools around the world. We recognise that classroom teaching has the largest impact on the quality of educational outcomes. What teachers know and do makes the difference in improving student learning outcomes – their knowledge, pedagogical practices and relationships with students. We also recognise that teachers cannot achieve and sustain high-quality outcomes for all students without effective leadership. In support of this, we have developed the Cambridge Teacher and School Leader Standards to define key characteristics and practices of effective teachers and leaders, and our ‘RAG Grid’ as an evaluation tool to help you assess your teaching or school leadership by asking yourself key questions and looking for examples from your own practice.

In this interactive session we will explore the Standards and, focusing on one as an example, work with it to design ways in which they can be used to confirm successful teaching and leaderships practices and help determine areas and priorities for professional development.

Q & A
A chance to ask questions directly from the representatives of Cambridge Assessment International Education in Argentina.
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