COD 2024 - D956

Leadership for Teachers

Teachers of English and Coordinators

6 sessions, start: 01-Apr

Please enrol before Wednesday, March 27th 2024

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Year: 2024
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: In progress
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. Mercedes Perez Berbain MA
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ESSARP Schools
Free of charge
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ARS 90000.00
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Sessions Dates Schedule
1 01 April - 07 April 2024 Online session
2 08 April - 14 April 2024 Online session
3 15 April - 21 April 2024 Online session
4 22 April - 28 April 2024 Online session
5 29 April - 05 May 2024 Online session
6 06 May - 12 May 2024 Online session


Mercedes Perez Berbain

Mercedes Pérez Berbain is an educational consultant and teacher educator. She is a faculty member at Pilgrims Teacher Training (UK) and ESSARP (Argentina), and a reviewer for several international journals. She holds an M.A. in Education with Distinction from Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has written materials for Pearson and OUP, and co-edited for Palgrave Macmillan. Her research interests include leadership in education, inclusion, and young learners.
Teachers of English and Coordinators
- Develop your understanding of teacher leadership.
- Build up your leadership skills.
- Reflect on your teaching skills.
In this course you will learn the leadership skills which make your teaching effective in your context, be it in-person, on-line, or hybrid.
Teachers as leaders display not only management skills, which ensure things are done right, but leadership skills, which ensure the right things are done. This requires looking at the teacher’s beliefs, the overall context and cultures, their teaching and assessment practice, their planning, the learning environment, the resources they use, as well as the relationships they build.
In sum, this course on leadership for teachers takes a wide-raging stance on leadership addressing the following topics:
- leadership,
- engagement,
- inclusion,
- collaboration, and
- effectiveness.
Most importantly, you will develop your own view of leadership and skill set.
Participants will experience and reflect on leadership around learning and teaching activities. They will interact and connect the ideas to their own context.
The course consists of 5 modules. Each module consists of 5 tasks designed to meet the aims. All tasks are self-paced. The approximate time you need to spend per module is 4 hours.
will be provided in the course
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