COD 2022 - D767

Part II: Developing thinking skills in the teenage classroom: how, when and why

All teachers at upper primary and secondary school level

5 sessions, start: 05-Sep

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Year: 2022
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. María Barberis, Mrs. Romina Paola Cariati MA
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Sessions Dates Schedule
1 05 September - 11 September 2022 Online session
2 12 September - 18 September 2022 Online session
3 19 September - 25 September 2022 Online session
4 26 September - 02 October 2022 Online session
5 03 October - 09 October 2022 Online session


María Barberis

Maria Barberis is a Mg in Education Management from UNSAM and holds a Diploma in ELT Management from Surrey University. She graduated in 1977 from Catholic University of Argentina as a Teacher of English where she then taught Grammar I & II. In 1982, she co - founded Windmill Institute at CABA. For the past twenty five years she worked at Marin School in San Isidro where she performed different managerial positions such as Head of English Department in Primary and Secondary, IBD Coordinator and School Principal. At the moment, she is a teacher trainer and educator for schools as well as for companies.

Romina Paola Cariati

Romina Cariati holds a degree in Education, specialized in Education Management from UNQUI. She is also a Teacher of English from UMSA and holds a post graduate diploma on Socio-educational Programs from the Ministry of Education. She has worked at several bilingual schools and co-founded Westbridge School of English located in Banfield. Since 2011, she has been working with the Thinking Visible approach from Harvard University, Neuroscience applied to education and the Teaching for Understanding framework.
Nowadays, she works as a Thinking Visible Coach, as an Educational Advisor at different institutions and schools, including the Ministry of Education (Bs As Province) and she is deputy head at Grilli Canning College. She is CEO of Universo Orión, a brand she created to foster deep and reflective conversations.
All teachers at upper primary and secondary school level
- To keep on discovering new ways to develop thinking skills in teens.

- To fully engage in the language of thinking to enhance understanding through new thinking routines.

- To delve into the 4 phases of metacognition to further develop our students’ thinking.
- Recap of the Visible Thinking approach.

- New thinking routines to fully develop students’ understanding.

- The 4 phases of Metacognition in our classrooms.
– Whether you’ve taken Part I or not this is an online course consisting of 5 modules that will provide you with plenty of ideas, new thinking routines, and strategies to take, adopt and adapt to your needs.

- We will foster constant participation in all the modules. Sharing and learning together is our premise.
Bibliography and resources will be shared throughout the course.
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