COD 2022 - D684

Webinar - Mindfulness Made Easy - Engaging Teachers and Students

Teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills

4 sessions, start: 21-Mar

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Year: 2022
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. Verónica Onassis MA
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ARS 8800.00
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Sessions Dates Start Finish
1 21 March 2022 05:30 pm 07:00 pm
2 04 April 2022 05:30 pm 07:00 pm
3 18 April 2022 05:30 pm 07:00 pm
4 02 May 2022 05:30 pm 07:00 pm


Verónica Onassis

Verónica Onassis has attended Northlands school (1976) and graduated as Scientific Programmer, studied Ontological Coaching (2003) and Landscape design. Shes has attended various silent meditation retreats since 2003, active meditation practitioner since then. Following her passion,continuously undergoing through Mindfulness training programs (Mindful Schools 2014) and specializing in Education ( she has been an Engish classroom teacher), she began teaching Mindfulness to children (ages 5 to 17) since 2013 (Sworn Junior College, Master College, Marin, El Buen Ayre, Eccleston, Lomas de Nuñez). In addition to in-school mindfulness programs, she offers teaching mindfulness techniques to executives, educators, parents, adolescents and children.She received her Mindfulness Teacher Training certification with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield in a two year program cohorted with the Awareness Training Institute and Greater Good Science Center of the University of California at Berkeley, USA (January 2021) . Her aim is to spread Mindfulness practices worldwide, specially in education.
Teachers who wish to enhance their teaching skills
Provide resources to enhance teaching skills and bring out the best in each student.
How to:
- handle stress and emotional reactivity
- improve the hability to focus attention
- be fully present and aware when interacting with students
- develop skills that promote overall wellbeing
- reinforce caring behaviour among students
- Jennings, P. "MIndfulness for teachers" Editorial Norton, USA
- Kathleen G. Nadeau / Ellen B. Dixon, "Learning to slow down and pay attention"
- Robin Alter / Crystal Clarke, "The anxiety workbook for kids"
- Dawn Huebner, "What to do when you worry too much
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