COD 2022 - D642

Webinar - "Engage your students with a powerful teaching strategy: Cooperative Learning!"

Primary and Highschool teachers, Head teachers and Coordinators

1 sessions, start: 18-Feb

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Year: 2022
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Mrs. Grace Bertolini
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1 18 February 2022 03:00 pm 04:30 pm


Grace Bertolini

Grace Bertolini is an experienced EFL- ESL Teacher Educator specialized in Classroom Management, Cooperative Learning, Learning and the Brain, Social Emotional Learning, Conflict Resolution, Responsive Classrooms and Positive Education at school. Her mother tongue is Spanish and she speaks English, French, Italian and Portuguese and she has studies in Physical Education. She is a Bilingual Facilitator for Peace Education Foundation (USA) and a Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator for Positive Discipline Association (USA). She has got an Innovative Education Degree and a Neuro Learning Degree that has allowed her to incorporate tools for brain-compatible learning in a positive, healthy and inclusive educational environment. For more than 40 years she has taught all levels and ages and she has been Head Teacher at several bilingual schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At present, she delivers courses for Asociación Educar de Neurociencias and coaches several Institutions as an Educational Consultant. She has got her own Professional Development Site and Campus and she designs Courses, Workshops and E-books for Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary and High school classes and delivers Professional Development Presentations nationwide and abroad on Social Emotional Learning, Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management and teaching EFL/ESL effectively. Grace is a Life long Learner.
Primary and Highschool teachers, Head teachers and Coordinators
Get participants to:
• Explore different ways of teaching English with effective tools to learn and reinforce the language.
• Use practical techniques to develop Cooperative Learning in their classes.
• Learn how to implement the strategies to foster interaction while making sure all students are held accountable.
• Learn which structure are best-suited for a particular instructional purpose.
• Acquire hands-on ideas, easy to carry out in daily classes.
Get practical ideas to implement.
- Cooperative Learning as a powerful teaching technique.
- Dr Spencer Kagan’s Cooperative Learning Structures.
- The 4 principles of CL: Positive Interdependence, Individual Accountability, Equal Participation, and Simultaneous Interaction
- Class building and Team building activities.
- Structures to regulate interaction between pairs, for team work and to involve the entire class.
- Teaching Social Skills
- An inclusive and positive classroom environment.
During this session, participants will learn how to implement Dr. Spencer Kagan’s approach to Cooperative Learning using his structures and strategies to organize interaction between students. These practical activities increase academic achievement, enhance self-esteem and create a more harmonious classroom climate, reducing discipline problems, and developing students' social skills and character virtues.
To be specify and shared during the session.
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