COD 2023 - D447

Cambridge TKT: Teaching English

TKT is ideal for teachers who need to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate

12 sessions, start: 10-Apr

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Year: 2023
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. Mercedes Perez Berbain MA
Print course
ESSARP Schools
Free of charge
Exams Schools
ARS 54000.00
Non affiliate
ARS 54000.00


Sessions Dates Schedule
1 10 April - 16 April 2023 Online session
2 17 April - 23 April 2023 Online session
3 24 April - 30 April 2023 Online session
4 01 May - 07 May 2023 Online session
5 08 May - 14 May 2023 Online session
6 15 May - 21 May 2023 Online session
7 22 May - 28 May 2023 Online session
8 29 May - 04 June 2023 Online session
9 05 June - 11 June 2023 Online session
10 12 June - 18 June 2023 Online session
11 19 June - 25 June 2023 Online session
12 26 June - 02 July 2023 Online session


Mercedes Perez Berbain

Mercedes Pérez Berbain is an educational consultant and teacher educator. She is a faculty member at Pilgrims Teacher Training (UK) and ESSARP (Argentina), and a reviewer for several international journals. She holds an M.A. in Education with Distinction from Oxford Brookes University, UK. She has written materials for Pearson and OUP, and co-edited for Palgrave Macmillan. Her research interests include leadership in education, inclusion, and young learners.
TKT is ideal for teachers who need to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate
- understand the principles underlying the processes of learning and teaching in ELT.
- learn main concepts, methodology, strategies, resources and materials in ELT.
- prepare for the Cambridge TKT Modules 1-3.
Module 1 – Background to language learning and teaching

This module deals with terms and concepts common in English language teaching. It also focuses on the factors underpinning the learning of English and knowledge of the range and functions of the choices teachers have at their disposal to cater for these learning factors.
This module tests your knowledge of:
• terms and concepts of English language teaching
• factors underpinning the learning of English
• a range of materials, tasks and activities for English language teaching.

Module 2 – Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching

This module focuses on what teachers consider and do while planning their teaching. It also considers the linguistic and methodological reference resources that are available to guide teachers in their lesson planning.
This module tests your knowledge of:
• the knowledge and skills you need to plan lessons
• the types of assessment and resources that can guide your lesson planning.

Module 3 – Managing the teaching and learning process

This module tests teachers’ knowledge of what happens in the classroom in terms of the language used by the teacher or learners, the roles the teacher can fulfil, and the ways in which the teacher can manage and exploit classroom events and interactions.
This module tests your knowledge of:
• teachers’ and learners’ language
• classroom management.
Participants will experience and reflect on learning and teaching activities. They will read and view material as well as give and receive feedback.
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