COD 2020 - D332

Good Online Practice in International Exams: IGCSE First Language English & English Literature

1 sessions, start: 28-Sep

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Year: 2020
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. Paula Fabiana Del Bretto, Ms. Karina Zanetti MA
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1 28 September 2020 Online session


Paula Fabiana Del Bretto

Paula is a sworn translator and conference interpreter ( USAL/Appalachian State University. North Carolina, USA). She holds a Teacher Training degree in Higher Education, a post-graduate degree (UTN), a Master's degree in TEFL ( FUNIBER) and a Post-graduate Diploma in Educational Management and Innovation ( US21). She worked as Head in Colegio Arrayanes and is now teaching IGCSE Language, Literature, Public Speaking, Colegio St Mary of the Hills and Colegio San Esteban. At present she is a Visible Thinking techniques facilitator.

Karina Zanetti

Karina has a teaching degree and adscription in methodology from I.E.S. Lenguas Vivas J.R.Fernández. She trained in educational management and specialized in research at UNLa. She also holds a diploma in Curriculum at FLACSO.
She has taught in primary and secondary bilingual schools and at tertiary level at Lenguas Vivas Institute and at AACI Teacher Training College. She is currently working as a teacher at Barker College, Saint Albans’ College and Grilli Canning College.
1. Visible Thinking goes Virtual for IGCSE First Language English

Presenter: Paula Del Bretto

Abstract: Applying tailored Visible Thinking Routines to introduce implicit meaning, emotive-sensory language and figures of speech. Embedding Visible Thinking protocols to boost vocabulary and ease understanding of IGCSE writing conventions.

2. Connecting IGCSE Literature with the Pandemic

Presenter: Karina Zanetti

Abstract: In our changing world students and teachers are faced with situations that require questioning established learning practices, its connection with technology and effects on relationships.
This unit deals with these topics through IGCSE literary material. It is embodied along the Teaching for Understanding (TFU) framework, which aims at enabling students discuss from different perspectives by providing opportunities of language use with its profound cultural power.
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