COD 2020 - D253

Webinar - Cultural Programme - Reading and media session: Jamaica Kincaid: A Postcolonial Feminist Voice

All lovers of Literature

1 sessions, start: 27-Jun

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Year: 2020
Level: Culture Programme
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Griselda Beacon MA
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1 27 June 2020 10:00 am 11:30 am


Griselda Beacon

Griselda Beacon is a teacher trainer and a literature lover. She delivers teacher training workshops and talks on literature and foreign language learning in international contexts.
Griselda holds an MA in English & Literature and German as a Foreign Language from Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany. She has been working in the field of teacher education and Primary curriculum development for over 20 years.
She is a co-author of Together (Oxford UP), a tailor-made English coursebook series for Argentina, and co-editor of the book International Perspectives on Diversity in ELT (Palgrave, 2021).
She delivers teacher training workshops for several institutions, such as ESSARP, Oxford University Press in South America, NILE – Norwich Institute for Language Education in the UK, and she is currently mentoring the Young Learners Hub in Globe –TransformELT.
Her special interests include literature, young learners, creativity, CLIL and intercultural education. Passionate about children’s literature, Griselda loves visiting schools for storytelling sessions, reads picturebooks with children, and carries out projects with literature and art to foster creative reading, play, drama, diversity and inclusion in the English classroom.
She currently lectures in American Literature at UBA and teaches Children & Young Adults' Literature at IES en Lenguas Vivas Juan Ramón Fernández, Creativity at ENS en Lenguas Vivas S. B. de Spangenberg, Play, Music, Dance and Literature in Pre-Primary Education at IESPEI Sara Eccleston and Drama Techniques in the English Class at ISP Joaquín V. Gonzalez.
All lovers of Literature
We will read and discuss postcolonial feminist writer, Jamaica Kincaid, and her efforts to create a narrative that exposes the struggle the former slave communities in the Caribbean undergo to develop a positive sense of self. Within a postcolonial context, the female voice is suffocated by mainstream ideology and by strongly rooted local patriarchal structures. We will focus on the role of literature to develop social awareness and discuss how Kincaid’s literary choices enhance her voice, in particular her personal experience and autobiographical traits.

In this reading breakfast, we intend:

- To continue creating a reading community of lovers of literature.
- To continue developing reading strategies to tackle the ambiguous nature of literary texts.
- To learn about and explore Jamaica Kincaid’s work.
A selection of Jamaica Kincaid’s texts: Narrative, short story & essay.

Reading List:

Kincaid, Jamaica. (1988) A Small Place. (First essay. Pages 3 to 19)

---. (1990) “Mariah” (Chapter 2, pp. 17 - 41) in Lucy. New York: Farrar Straus & Giroux

---. (1978) “Girl”
Ashcroft, Bill, Griffiths G., Tiffin H. (22002) The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Post-colonial Literatures. Londres: Routledge (Introduction)

- - - . (1995) The Post-Colonial Studies Reader, London: Routledge

Kincaid, Jamaica. (1988) A Small Place. (First essay. Pages 3 to 19)

---. (1990) “Mariah” (Chapter 2, pp. 17 - 41) in Lucy. New York: Farrar Straus & Giroux

---. (1978) “Girl”
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