COD 2023 - D206B

TKT Teaching English to Young Learners 2023

Directivos, coordinadores y docentes de inglés de nivel inicial y nivel primario

12 sessions, start: 07-Aug

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Year: 2023
Level: Distance
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. Luciana Fernández
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ESSARP Schools
Free of charge
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ARS 54000.00
Non affiliate
ARS 54000.00


Sessions Dates Schedule
1 07 August - 13 August 2023 Online session
2 14 August - 20 August 2023 Online session
3 21 August - 27 August 2023 Online session
4 28 August - 03 September 2023 Online session
5 04 September - 10 September 2023 Online session
6 11 September - 17 September 2023 Online session
7 18 September - 24 September 2023 Online session
8 25 September - 01 October 2023 Online session
9 02 October - 08 October 2023 Online session
10 09 October - 15 October 2023 Online session
11 16 October - 22 October 2023 Online session
12 23 October - 29 October 2023 Online session


Luciana Fernández

Luciana Fernández is a graduate teacher of English who has been teaching English for the past twenty-nine years. She has specialized in Methodology and Teaching Practice and she holds a Diploma in Educational Research from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education. She holds two post graduate certifications in Thinking Cultures and Teaching for Comprehension

She is a Reading and Literacy expert and has been training teachers in this area for the past fifteen years. She is a teacher educator and has designed several presentations and courses for professional development both in Argentina and abroad. Her presentation at ARTESOL 2015 was selected to be presented at TESOL International as a Best Affiliate Session. She is one of the 50 scholarship winners who attended and presented at IATEFL, held in Birmingham in April 2016. She was later on invited to be a presenter at the Young Learners and Teenagers SIG pre conference event and at the main conference.

Luciana has been the Head at several bilingual IB institutions in Buenos Aires. At present she is a school advisor, teacher trainer and facilitator at ESSARP (English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate), where she trains heads and teachers from the most important bilingual institutions in Argentina.
Directivos, coordinadores y docentes de inglés de nivel inicial y nivel primario
Get participants to:
• understand principles and considerations that gear best practices when teaching English to very young
learners and young learners.
• explore methodology, underlying principles, respurces and materials and activities that gear instruction.
• get knowledge and training for the Cambridge TKT Module on YL
Considerations and principles when teaching English to VYL and YL.
• Characteristics of VYL and YL.
• Language acquisition principles that gear instruction.
• Teaching grammar and vocabulary to children.
• Planning lessons for children.
• Language games, songs, activities fro children.
• Adapting materials and resources.
• Assessing VYL and YL.
• 21st century skills in the YL´s classroom.
• Storytelling and drama in the VYL and YL classroom.
• Emergent and Early Literacy.
• Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking with children learning English.
In this online course, participants will interact with materials and engage in reflection and tasks suggested by the facilitator. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the facilitator and other colleagues in the forum
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