COD 2020 - CP019

Webinar - Cultural Programme - Reading and media session: Shelley’s Frankenstein revisited and revisited: the case of a theatre performance of the novel directed by Danny Boyle

Literature teachers, literature lovers

1 sessions, start: 23-May

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Year: 2020
Level: Culture Programme
Language: English
Status: Ended
Lugar: Distance
Facilitator/s: Ms. Flavia Daniela Pittella
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1 23 May 2020 10:00 am 11:30 am


Flavia Daniela Pittella

Ms. Flavia Pittella graduated from the University of La Plata as a Teacher of English Language and Literature. She is also Lic. in Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO, with special mention in Reading, Writing and Education. She has participated in international academic conferences and has published articles in different magazines. She holds several Postgraduate courses in literature and language teaching. For the past 20 years, she has taught ESL classrooms and ESL examinations for the IGCSE/AS Language and Literature. She has been a Reading group facilitator for over nine years. She is a cultural journalist at Radio Mitre and several other media. She has published "40 libros que adoro y no podes dejar de leer". Planeta, 2014. She writes regularly for Infobae Cultura. She is the director of “El tercer lugar: espacio cultural”.
Literature teachers, literature lovers
it is the objective of this meeting to interact with participants as to transfer of genre novel/theatre, the imporortance of staging in this version, how both actors play both part in ways that determine differences in the performances and most of all enjoy a highly creative moment in these times of confinement.
Filmed live in 2011 from the stage of the National Theatre in London, this thrilling, sold-out production became an international sensation, experienced by more than 800,000 people in cinemas around the world.
In this meeting we will watch and analyse how Danny Boyle came with the idea of having two actors (Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller perform each night either the creature or Dr Frankenstein and how the whole play is renewed in the light of the interchange of magnificent performances.
We will run some scenes of both stagings which best represent the main themes in the novel and discuss the subtle difference in interpretations and the mastery of staging such a thrilling novel.
the experience will be much more enjoyable if participants have read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in either version 1818 or 1830.
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